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Owner and head chef Joe Emidio Sapeta originated from the beautiful island of Madeira, a portuguese colony full of amazing cuisines, cultures, and wines. Emidio began working in the restaurant business at the young age of sixteen to assist his family through hard times, and has traveled and worked for many companies, expanding his experiences through a multitude of ethnic cuisines that span Western Europe. From managing large operations on cruise ships, to restoring fine Italian restaurants in New Jersey, to managing bars in England, Chef Jose Emidio has an extensive list of accomplishments in the world of fine cuisine.


The goal of Emidio's Restaurant is simple: to provide the wonderful people of metro Atlanta with an experience rivaling the most expensive inner city restaurants, but with a price tag comparable to your chain family restaurant. We provide affordable yet delectable drinks, freshly prepared tapas and entrees at a price level that will make you double-take, and an atmosphere where you can dine, yet feel relaxed and like family at your own home. Come enjoy a glass of our wonderful sangria with our delicious entrees, or enjoy your night eating slowly from our great tapas menu. Make sure to check in regularly on our monthly deals, as well as our special events listing!

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Emidio Sapeta



A long-time chef, restaurant manager and entrepeneur, Chef Joe Emidio Sapeta has been working in the food service industry all his life. A creative, light spirit with a nack for combining spices, sauces, and meats into dishes that will inspire awe in your taste buds, Emidio's cooking and company will leave you smiling for days.





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